Friday, August 9, 2013

15 # SCCM 2012 Interview Questions/FAQs - Part 1 (Fundamentals)

SCCM 2012 Fundamentals – FAQS

1) In SCCM 2012, is it possible to enable remote control for only a few subset of computers in a ConfigMgr site?
Ans: Yes.

Explanation: In SCCM 2012, Client settings are no longer restricted to sites. You can configure custom client settings and assign them to collections. For example, you can configure a specific collection to have remote control enabled.

2) Does SCCM 2012 still have mixed mode and native mode?

Ans: No.

Explanation: The SCCM 2007 concept of mixed mode and native mode sites to define how clients communicate to site systems in the site has been replaced by site system roles that can independently support HTTP or HTTPS client communications.

3) In SCCM 2012, Does client status (used to be client status reporting) now support automatic remediation?

Ans: Yes.

Explanation: Typical client problems that are detected are automatically remediated in SCCM 2012.

4) In SCCM 2012, Can users now exclude their computers from power management settings that you configure?

Ans: Yes.

Explanation: You can now enable a client setting option that allows users to exclude their own computers from power management.

5) Can SCCM 2012 automatically upgrade a SCCM 2007 Client?

Ans: Yes

Explanation: SCCM 2012 can automatically upgrade SCCM 2007 and SCCM 2012 Clients to the latest version of SCCM 2012 client when they are below a version that you specify.

6) Does SCCM 2012 still have a central site?

Ans: No

Explanation: The Top-level SCCM 2007 site in a multi-primary site hierarchy was known as a central site. In System Center 2012 ConfigMgr the central site is replaced by Central Administration site. The Central Administration site is not a primary site at the top of the hierarchy, but rather a site that is used for reporting and to facilitate communication between Primary sites in hierarchy.

7) Can you create a collection without specifying a limiting collection?

Ans: No.

Explanation: In SCCM 2012, a collection is always a subset of its limiting collection. When you create a collection, you must specify a limiting collection.

8) SCCM 2012 uses SQL 2008 Reporting services reports builder 2.0 as the exclusive authoring and editing tool for reports, must you first install report builder 2.0 before you can create or modify a report?

Ans: No.

Explanation: Report Builder 2.0 is automatically installed when you create or modify a report for the first time.

9) Can you sue the Exchange Server Connector to find which mobile devices are connecting to your Exchange Online Services?

Ans: Yes.

Explanation: In SCCM 2012, the Exchange Server Connector allows you to find and manage devices that connect to Exchange Server (On-premise or hosted) by using Exchange ActiveSync protocol.

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