Thursday, November 7, 2013

Error while installing SCCM 2012 distribution point on Windows 2003 Servers in domain "Failed to update Package" or "Failed to create Virtual Directory"

Window 2003 Servers do not support the installation of SCCM 2012 distribution point out of the box. Once a Windows 2003 Server machine has been added as a Site Sytem and a DP is enabled, you may receive the errors "Failed to update Package" or "Failed to create Virtual Directory" on the Distibution point configuration status under monitoring in SCCM console. In the distmgr.log you may get the following error message:

ERROR ExecMethod(): Failed to execute AppCreate2. error = COM+ was unable to talk to the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator

ERROR CheckDPforDrizzle: Could not find the desired DP ["Display=\\FQDNSERVER\"]MSWNET:["SMS_SITE=CCR"]\\FQDNSERVER\ in the SCF

Error occurred. Performing error cleanup prior to returning.

And on Configuration Manager status message you may see

Failed to create virtual directory on the defined share or volume on distribution point "["Display=\\<FQDN>\"]MSWNET:["SMS_SITE=CCR"]\\<FQDN>\".

Possible cause: Distribution Manager requires that IIS base components be installed on the local Configuration Manager Site Server in order to create the virtual directory. Distribution Manager also requires that IIS Web Services be installed on the Distribution Point Server that needs to support Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS).
Solution: Verify that IIS base components are installed on the local Configuration Manager Site Server, and IIS Web Services are installed on the Distribution Point Server.

To resolve these errors, Please carry out the Distribution point instalaltion by following the below procedure step by step

    1. Uninstall Distribution Point role from the Site system.(if already installed)

    2. Reboot the site system
    3. Enable Remote differential Compression by installing the msrdcoob_x86.exe from the following path  <Servername>\SMS_P01\Client\i386\msrdcoob_x86.exe

    4. Upgrade BITS 2.0 to BITS 2.5 by installing the patch WindowsServer2003-KB923845-x86-ENU.exe

    5.  Reboot the site system

    6. Install SCCM Client Agent either by Client Push or Manual Installation Method

    7. Install Internet Information Services 6.0 from Windows 2003 Server R2 with SP2 setup CD and do the next 3 configuration steps
    8. Enable BITS extension in IIS 6.0 console
    9. Enable WebDAV support in IIS 6.0 console

    10. Enabled ISAPI extension in IIS 6.0 Console
    11.Install WDS Services from Windows 2003 Server R2 with SP2 setup CD and do not configure WDS.
    12.Install Distribution Point Role on the Site System
    13. Wait till you receive installation successful message ( You will see IIS configuration hasn’t been enabled error as the OS on the server as it is pre Windows 2008, wait till the status changes to green)

    14. Once you receive Distribution Point Setup Completed successfully Message, start distributing a sample package and monitor PkgXfermgr.log on the SCCM Server. If the Package transfers successfully,  then Enable PXE support on the Distribution Point.

On the Windows 2003 DP site system you will receive errors in Event Viewer due to WDS’s port conflict with DHCP server. Resolve the conflict by changing the following registry key.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WDSServer\WDSPXE and Change the registry value of the Dword UseDhcpPorts from 1 to 0




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