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SCCM Interview Questions/FAQs - Part 3

Part #3

11) Are any extra configuration steps required to configure servers running Windows Server 2008 as Configuration Manager 2007 sites?

Ans: Yes.

Explanation: For Example, the management point site system role requires IIS 7 to be installed and configured to support the MP’s requirement. IIS is not installed by default in Windows 2008 servers.

12) Can you import Software license information for software not produced by Microsoft into the asset intelligence catalog?

Ans: Yes

Explanation: You can use the Asset Intelligence License Import Wizard to import non-Microsoft Software licenses information to the SCCM DB.
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13) When the ConfigMgr console is running on a server without a connection to the internet, Can you prevent the console from trying to connect to the internet to display the System Center Configuration manager TechCenter site in the top node of the console tree?

Ans: Yes

Explanation: To prevent the System Center Configuration Manager console from downloading the TechCenter home page

1. In a registry editor, locate the key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\ConfigMgr\AdminUI.

2. Create a new DWORD value DisableHomePage.

You do not need to set any data for the DisableHomePage value; if the value exists, the console will not attempt to connect to the TechCenter home page.

14) Can you use out of band management for computers that are managed over internet?

Ans: No.

Explanation: Out of Band Management in ConfigMgr 2007 SP1 does not support clients that are managed over internet with internet based client management.

15) Can you schedule Asset Intelligence catalog information updates to occur automatically on a schedule?

Ans: Yes:

Explanation: If you are a Microsoft Software Assurance Licensed Customer, you can use the asset intelligence synchronization point role in Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 to schedule automatic catalog information updates.

16) Can you manage AMT-based computers if they do not have the configuration manager 2007 Sp1 client installed?

Ans: Yes

Explanation: You can manage AMT-based computers event if they do not have any version of the client installed. This is because communication is to the computer’s management controller, rather than the operating system or a client agent that is running on the OS.

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17) In Asset inventory, can you submit uncategorized software title information to Microsoft to be categorized?

Ans: Yes.

Explanation: Uncategorized software title information can be submitted to System Center Online for research and categorization. After an uncategorized software title is submitted, researches identify, categorize and then make the software title categorization information available to all customer using the online service.


18) When importing software license information into the site database using the Asset Intelligence License Import Wizard, can Microsoft Volume Licenses be imported using .csv formatted file.?

Ans: No.

Explanation: Microsoft Volume License statements should be saved as an.XML formatted file, While non-Microsoft License information should be imported using a .CSV formatted file.


19) Does Configuration Manager Support Migrating AMT-based computers from another AMT Management Solution?

Ans: Yes

Explanation: Configuration Manager supports several methods to migrate computers from an existing AMT management solution. The easiest solution is when the AMT version is 3.2.1 or later and the computer is running the configuration manager 2007 SP1 Client. If either of these conditions is not met, your existing AMT management Solution might have an export utility to help automate the migration of these compute4rs to Configuration Manager. Without an export utility, you can still migrate these computers if you have all the relevant computer information.

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